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Wooden Hut

Our Story

Once upon a time...

Just kidding!  This feels like a fairy tale to us, so it only seems right to begin that way.  Anyway, let's get into our real story:

It all began when the oldest Morford brother was about seven years old.  Our family was introduced to huskies by our dogsledding grandfather.  We started breeding Huskies; raising, training, racing and offering dogsled tours in Idaho and northern Utah for several years.  In 2018, a friend brought Pomskies into our lives.  Our whole family has been involved in Pomsky Northerns for four years, and now a few of us are branching off into our own breeds.

And so, Dreamy Shiba was born!  We love the look of the Shiba Inu breed, their friendliness and energy.  Our first three adults are a red male named Fox, a black-and-tan female named Royal Blossom and a cream female named Yuki.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!

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