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Bridget Elder 
owner of Love Bug

I am so happy I chose a shiba inu puppy from Dreamy Shiba! Not only did they go above and beyond what I expected from a breeder by allowing me to video chat with my puppy until she was old enough to come home and organizing the details of her transportation across the country; but they also gave me my best friend. Here are some things I love about my puppy that make her the best part of my day. She's very intelligent and communicative, a headtilt has meant "yes" to questions I've asked her since the first month she came home. Everyone in my apartment complex knows and loves her from seeing her out on our walks, and she has neighbors and dog friends she always wants to check in on when we pass the places we usually meet them. I met a lot of my neighbors because of her. She is the best adventure partner, always eager to go on a car ride or walk, no matter where or how far we're going. When I was sick, she slept under my bed and protected me. One of her best skills is fetching, she gets very excited to play and has airplane ears when she brings her toys back. While I study, she sits on the arm of my chair and looks out the window to keep me company. This is my first shiba inu puppy, I love her so much! I'm so happy to have her and I'm so grateful to Dreamy Shiba for all they have done to provide such a smart, friendly, brave, and loyal companion. Thank you!
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